I have always loved creating things. As a child I used to draw pictures with my Dad, he had a creative streak as well. As I grew up I was always doing some kind of craft, sewing, cross stitch, holiday crafts, home decorating etc. I went to a jewelry party several years ago to learn how to make jewelry and from that point on, my new passion for crafting became jewerly design. There are so many possibilities with all the beautiful beads and charms for sale. I love having someone give me a few details about what they are looking for and then let my creative thinking take over. The happiness I feel when someone looks at a piece of jewelry that is made just for them is such a fulfilling feeling, it makes it all worthwhile. I enjoy working with all different types of components. I am always thinking of new designs and ways to touch people with my custom items, especially involving pets. I live in upstate NY and share my life with my husband, two dogs and three parrots. Since we adopted our first Greyhound, Quinn in July of 2014, I have become passionate about Greyhound rescue and adoption. I am involved in many Greyhound auctions and fundraisers throughout the year. We added our seond greyhound Marshall in July 2015. You can also find me on Facebook. This is where you will see what I am working on and my latest designs before I have them here for sale!



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